Art of simplicity by Dominique Loreau


This book speaks about a more simplified lifestyle.

Dominique Loreau is a french woman who lives in Japan and got inspired by the culture of this country for her new decluttered lifestyle. The zen Japanese culture consist of applying the concept “less is more” in all circumstances.

This book helps you step by step to let your stuff goes away and make yourself understand how much you used to overconsume and how unhappy and stressed it made you. Declutter your home and stop taking care of it more than yourself. Learn how to take back control on your body and soul by stopping wasting time with the rest. Elegance is a big topic of Japanese culture. Learn how to be elegant and have an easier harmonious life with yourself and the society.

“Simplify your life is empowering it”

You have to declutter your soul, your social and digital life. Society taught you to live with money, this book is teaching you to live without it. Dominique Loreau make us realize how we are perverted by our society of consumption and from how long. It is helping us to realize our real needs and desires. Buying expensive objects to valorise ourself in order to compare us with our peers is not a good logic. These objects will make us happy less than a week and will be used less than 10 times and then will be forgotten in a closet until landfill. Before a nice recycling system pop-up we should stop the future wastes before it is becoming a waste. This prevention has an

This prevention has an inexplicable result on our happiness (maybe our unconscious part is not feeling guilty anymore of not being in harmony with the earth?) Our conscience is lighter by minimizing stuff. Happiness wasn’t the goal of this clutter experience but consequences. Minimalizing is healing a lot of psychologic disease like anxiety. It is a long going process.

The new generations start to understand the dangers of excess. They are also more nomade in a modern way because of mundialization and so need to move many times as fast as possible and so need less materialistic objects. Put your house on a diet and bring energy to your house : more light, circulation, air flux. You can fulfill your house with other things than objects (perfumes, colors, sounds,…)

For 5000 years Chinese practiced Feng Shui :healing the body by it’s environment. Feng Shui first statement is cleanings. The soul should be surrounded by a clean environment to be more light and our decision more straight. Dominique Loreau advice us to use versatile, strong and ergonomic objects to minimize and reuse what we have. You should apply minimalism to our house, our clothes, our cosmetics, our food, our soul,… You will win time because you don’t go buy as much

You will win time because you don’t go buy as much, you don’t clean stuff as much and you don’t use stuff as much. You have to look for what you need and desire. You have to feel accomplishment each day. What is your life goal? What is your role in humanity evolution?

Beauty is a necessity. Beauty is natural and don’t lost yourself in the excess with luxury fashion or high technology which is not beautiful. Everything has a consequence on your body. Be happy and in harmony with yourself and your environment. It will have an impact on others as well. Feed your body with nature. Use edible cosmetics. If you cannot give it to your body why should you give it to your skin?

“The environment forms your soul and your soul is the environment of someone else.”

We are taking too less importance on our body. Your soul will be healthy with a balanced daily life : sleeping time, eating time, working time, sport time, mediation time,…

Stop overconsume BE and not HAVE

Learn the word “gratitude” “listen” “respect”

Learn how to be alone and enjoying it. Always look how to be better.

Travelling is the best way to improve yourself and take the best habits of each civilization that correspond to your soul better than your native habits. You can always improve your lifestyle, home and self. This will be seen by your social circles and will inspire people to also stop overconsume and be happier and more harmonized with the earth.


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