Zero Waste center in Paris France


Alternatives ways of consuming against overconsumption (to be and not to have).

Zero Waste France launched a crowdfunding to build a Zero Waste center in Paris. They succeeded the 16/11/2016 with 155% of their goal (20 000€). This will be the first Zero Waste center in France.

The Zero Waste community is really strong in France on social medias. This project was launched to make Zero Waste more real and to have a place for the zerowaster to meet and share this new lifestyle. Zero waste France is well-known among the NGO’s and associations. They have politics supporters, companies partnerships and a real team of lawyers.

Last summer was the Zero Waste festival in parc de la Villette, Paris. This event proved that offering to Zero Waste people a chance to meet for real had more power than ever. This festival permitted to help them achieve their personal sustainable projects but also creating a synergy of passions and actions for the Zero Waste movement.

It is in this context that this project was built. It will also allow the movement to get known better with this physical identity and attract more people.

Here is the design project :


ground floor : bulk supermarket & glass container deposit
first floor : workshops, conferences and meetings
second floor : office of the team

This center is a pioneer place of sharing and caring sustainable citizens.

The bulk shop will provide daily life products and solutions for disposable items : washable unmakeup pads, reusable water bottles, washable diapers, etc. Food will also be sold in bulk or in packaging that are reusable thanks to a deposit desk.

Up the stairs will be the large workshop room to teach and learn how to do your own makeup, laundry soap, etc… How to start a compost. How to travel sustainably. This same room will also be used as the conference room. Notorious sustainable people will be able to have a place to speak with a receptive public. Documentaries are going to be shown. Formations dates are going to be settled to teach citizens how to start a zero waste event, how to launch a challenge in their family,…

Under the sky will be the office where the association will monitor everything. They will finally have a place to take appointement in order to enlarge the movement and the good concequences of it.



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