Pierre Rabhi & the hummingbird movement


This Algerian man initiated the Hummingbird movement in France – Mouvement Colibris. Pierre Rabhi is a recognized international expert fighting against desertification. He is a pioneer of organic agriculture in France. Since 1981 he teaches what he learned in Africa. He fights for small communities to be food self dependant and preserve their patrimony.

He is a writter, a pholosophe and does lot of conferences. He wants a change in our actual system of growth. This system is unfair, unbalance and destrucing the nature and so our food and environment.

What is Mouvement Colibris (Hummingbird movement)?

Inspire and linked the citizen that change their lifestyle for a more respectfull one !

Created in 2007 by the recommandation of  Pierre Rabhi, the hummingbird movment is born to construct a sustainable and human society. The association place the personal change of behavior and lifestyle in the center of its concerns. The switch to a better society is going first by the changement of each of its citizen. The goal of this movement is to inspire and link these citizens to suport and empower them. These individual people gathered will change the global society in a long run.


“The hummingbird is doing his part.” From the story of the hummingbird in the “about me” page of this blog.


The movement draw the principles of our futur society and explore the lastes sustainable innovations and share them with the open minded citizen. They are offering events to gather and talk around these topics : campain, Mooc, conferences, books, magazines, documentaries, online platform with a special crowdfunding space, …



To spray the word, the movement is linked to a lot of local sustainable associations.

55 groups of volunteer people have this goal of teaching and spreading the word. They motivate dead zones areas of France, they support young associations without notoriety yet. They created a local monney “Le Stück” in the East city of Strasbourg. They also created a sustainable cooperative middle school in the area of Dordogne called “La Marelle”.

These groups make the switch easier to everyone who want to change the world for a better one. Each company or individual can support the hummingbird movement with donations to be sure their money will be effectively use.


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