NOMA – America overconsumption

America by Will Ryman america_main

America” was created in 2013. It is a  replica of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood log cabin that Will Ryman constructed out waste painted in gold. It is 14 feet wide, 14 feet long, and 13 feet tall.  The wastes are mainly chains, bullets, pills, assorted electronic components, jewelry, keyboard keys, and other assorted consumer flotsam. It has been acquired by the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA).


It is a reflection on the industries and economies that built the United States of America over the past few centuries. The wastes redlate the legacy of capitalism in this country. The overall structure of America is made of wood coated in gold resin. This cabin shape evokes the home of Abraham Lincoln, who preserved the Union of the States during Civil war and the abolishment of slavery.


The gold color symbolized the money culture of this country since Spanish conquistadors to California Gold Rush and now Capitalism.


Inside the cabin are geometric panels on the walls, roof and floor made from different wastes. Together these objects refer to the major industries and historical trends and wars that shaped the actual country. Bullets evoke the wars, pills evoke the pharmaceutical industry; cotton the textile industry, coal the energy industry, Iphone and Ipad the technologic industry, etc

All of these objects are overconsumed and when we are in the house we are feeling very overwhelmed and anxious.

Here is my Instagram post about it : America


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