Lamazuna is a french sustainable cosmetic brand with a Georgian name that means “young pretty girl”.

In 2010 Laëtitia started to sell washable microfiber makeup remover pad instead of using disposable tissues full of chlorine. In 2010 the french consumers were already interested in reducing waste and bad ingredients use in products.

IMG_6290-500x333.jpg 13006457_1244563812239337_6245733257847849801_n.jpg

Since then she created a full bathroom sustainable line that she personally called  “écolonomique” = ecologic + economic. Today there are also menstrual cups, oriculi (reusable cotton bud in bamboo), solid shampoo, solid toothpaste, reusable toothbrushes, solid body cream, handkerchief, furoshikis (reusable gift wraps), etc Everything is organic, vegan and “slow-cosmetique” approved. Solid cosmetics permit to avoid preservatives which are often petroleum based so toxic. This also avoid the use of plastic packaging which is a sustainable disaster for the earth. At Lamazuna everything is recyclable and many times compostable !

The brand is providing 8 stable jobs and continue to grow as customers are more each month. The biggest strategic campaign is to show each month all the waste avoided by buying their products. The customers feel as part of a community and buying there is becoming a voting act. They are voting for a better future. Each customer buy is empowered with this poster that it is showing them their small purchase is contributing to save a lot !



Laëtitia also created a sustainable market to promote small businesses like her : marche-bio-ecolo . It gathers more than 30 french brands. Her goal is not profits but building new purchasing behaviors and this market is enlarging and empowering these new practices.

In 2016 Lamazuna open their first store in Paris : Atelier-Boutique situated at 31, rue Louis Blanc. Laëtitia asked Comp’Oz to build this new store. Comp’Oz is a community volunteering project. The store is made from upcycled materials because waste is a sustainable resource. Everything is conscious from A to Z. She recently installed a little free library in front of her store to promote circular practices.


This brand inspired many others and is an easy start to all the customers who want to be more conscious and ethic in their daily life.


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